You are not alone.  Many start-up business owners feel lonely.  Don’t.  Over 500,000 business are started each year in the United States.

Many have no idea where to start.  Join the Business Plan Writing Class.  Follow along and get this daunting task done.  The instructor talks you through the process, helps you pull your thoughts together in an organized document.

Many business start-up owners have great talent/s, great ideas and absolutely no idea how to manage parts of the business.  The owner is enthusiastic, absolutely loves the business concept.  Freedom — but freedom may be filled with “I didn’t think about that.”

Writing a business plan encourages, nearly forces you to think about various aspects of your business, or business idea.  It is an opportunity for a practice run on paper – like learning to swim before jumping in the ocean.

One main theme of writing a business plan, particularly creating the Cash Flow, is to prevent the business from running out of money.  Forecasting and comparing to forecast helps you manage the business.  It doesn’t guarantee a loan or business success.  But, writing a business plan helps you be a better prepared business owner.