Write your own custom business plan just like attendees at previous live classes.  Only you won’t need to travel and attend on a set schedule.  After purchasing the Business Plan Writing Class on video you have access to outlines used in live classes.  Compose your company’s Narrative with many sections as the instructor provides hundreds of helpful hints to organize your thoughts.  Listen as she reviews the Appendix list and describes how to use several spreadsheets provided.  Sees details below.  The dialog is filled with suggestions to help you write a cohesive business plan that you will understand.  For best results after your purchase:

1.  Print the free Outlines/Templates:

  • Narrative with Appendix List (in Word)
  • Cash Flow and Supporting Schedules – Cash Flow Notes, Sales Forecast, Cash Receipts Forecast, Advertising, Personnel (in Excel)
  • Funds Needed List, Owner Investment List, Assets Owned List (in Excel)

2.  Put them in a 3-ring binder or clip together

3.  Watch the videos:

  • Make notes
  • Stop, pause, replay as needed

4.  Continue writing phrases, notes and numbers

5.  Create full sentences and paragraphs from your notes

6.  Research statistics and costs

7.  Review –  making sure all ideas and numbers have continuity from start to finish

8. Use your plan to guide your business and/or approach a lender

9.  Revise the plan every 3 to 6 months in the beginning.  Every 6 to 12 months later on.