Business Plan Writing Class

Over 6 1/2 hours of instruction on 9 online videos + Bonus Resources of templates/outlines for Narrative in Microsoft Word, Cash Flow, Sales Forecast, Cash Receipts Forecast, Advertising and Personnel Schedules,  PLUS Funds Needed List, Assets Owned List, Owner Investment List in Microsoft Excel.

Business Plan Writing Class on video captured a class taught to a live class. It will lead you through writing your business plan.  It is from the same instruction material taught over 3 or 4 nights of 3 hours each to New York State Entrepreneurial Assistance classes repeatedly over several years. Some terrific business plans have been produced by attendees.

Makes writing a business plan as easy as possible for people who have never written a plan or need to enhance skills.

Watch the videos when and where you want. No miles on the road. No class deadlines.

Each lesson is easy to understand because of the “Both Feet on the Floor Instructor.”  These lessons contain hundreds of helpful hints to help you create a winning business plan.  Buy now and get instant, downloadable access to 9 videos and templates for your plan.


What Do I Get? Why I Need A Business Plan? What Does A Business Plan Do? Why Buy This? Why a Class on Video? Who is This For?
Over 6 hours of instruction To get what is in your head into an organized plan It explains your business. It works Watch it when ever and where ever you want Every small to mid-sized business
  9 Videos To run your business It lists goals It is not confusing No need to drive Every Start-Up
  + Bonus Resources of templates for Cash Flow and many schedules To approach lenders It describes products It will teach you how to get started No need to mold your schedule to a class schedule Every expansion
  Similar presentations helped many write plans To manage your company It identifies the targeted customer It will lead you through writing a custom plan Better than class, replay, pause, think when you wish Every buyout
  Extra business advice To control cash flow It forecasts income and expense It provides templates It clones the instructor to help more people
  Stories to reinforce theories To grow your business, estimate future checkbook balance highs and low It estimates future checkbook balances Create a custom plan you understand and can explain to friends, family, staff and lenders Every business should have a plan. Few do until forced into it when requesting a loan